Our company

Nexinvex is one of the most advanced automated AI based crypto-trading platform for those who are interested in investing into cryptocurrency without the time or energy to commit to the market constantly.

Our AI trading bots makes all the hard work for you based on algorithms and prediction after analysis of big data, being closely supervised by our highly-experienced team, to be sure that the best decisions are taken. We want to offer investment opportunities to everybody and right now, Nexinvex provides a very generous investment return in a relatively short time.

Nexinvex’s team is inside crypto market for the past 6 years and the Nexinvex automated platform wants to connect daily traders with the long-term holders and bring benefits to both parties.

Opportunities are unlimited and Nexinvex is confident that the cryptocurrency market will see a massive growth in the coming years: blockchain shows us how money can be transferred in a new revolutionary way.

There are many potential cryptocurrency investors that understand how massive is the crypto opportunity, but simply do not have the knowledge or the time to find the right investment and make profits. Nexinvex is happy to handle this for you. This is why Nexinvex is such an attractive and obvious option.

Growing fast

Users from over 28 countries
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Fully automated

Never waste your time tracking the markets and looking at the charts. Let the machines do it.

Most of the work was to create a fully integrated platform with over 20 different kind of bots software. You can see the live trade done by our bots 24/7 in the homepage.

Guaranteed profits

Our algorithms are generating guaranteed profits at the end of the day.

Thank to the AI, our trades follow an algorithm and is based on huge amount of data: not all trades are positive (it’s not possible) but our software allows to maximize the profits and minimize the losses. This can be possible with huge amount of trades every hour.


Registered company

The more affiliates you get, the more you make.

To legitimate our business and operate without impediments, we registered a LTD company in United Kingdom, company number 11143183.

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Safe & Secure

The more affiliates you get, the more you make.

Due to the nature of this business, security is one of the first priority. That’s why we applied for EV SSL on Comodo to provide immediate trust and an extra layer of security. Our website is covered with $1,750,000 insurance warranty.


Our team

Martin Dicken

Director / CEO

Tod Allen

Head of Support Team

Marko Diederich

Automation Engineer

Blair Mitchell

Product Manager

Sherly Yates

Marketing Manager